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I wish anti-Mosque people, pundits and politicians would stop acting like 9/11 was executed just so Muslims would have somewhere to erect a Mosque and Islamic cultural center. Like it was some big scheme. It’s two blocks away from Ground Zero. Jeez. There are more important things that deserve this kind of media attention. Corporate journalism has ruined news. 8.17

These are my Facebook statuses. Why should they be on Facebook only? Something about them being on Facebook only made me feel like my snapshot thoughts were lost to me if I didn’t store them somewhere else. This is a compilation of only the ones I really like. Dates sometimes included. As of 1/22, I’ve only gone back to July 2010.

Why is it that on TV shows people who are about to receive bad news in front of someone close to them always say, “Whatever you have to say, you can say it in front of _______.” No, that’s not true. Just once I want the person delivering the bad news to say, “No, really. We need to talk in private. You don’t want your husband/partner/friend to hear this from me.” It’s just lazy writing. Posted 10/9/2010

Mom’s status: Dexter rules! (This comment is intended for grown-ups…allowing your children to watch Dexter is sick…even to me! LOL) Feather: Whatever. There are kids on the show. It’s a kid-friendly show. Posted 10/5/2010

Feather: The 3,000 stairs don’t just go straight down. They wind around which is why there are so many. Rohnda: So you can’t just take a board and slide down them. *Laughs* Posted 10/3/2010

Do you ever wonder what bits you’ve missed from people as they try to communicate with you through cyberspace? I’m always stumbling upon comments and emails and stuff I never saw. 9/30/2010

I’m learning Italian. I’m going to be here for a while. I should learn the basics beyond just standing there, grinnin’ looking pretty. Even though, “standing there, grinnin’ looking pretty” seems to be a language the men understand fluently. 9/29

After 12 days with Tanisha in Bologna, I’m heading south to the Amalfi coast tomorrow for some more R & R. Tanisha tells me that in the south everything is hotter :o)~ 9.29

Is anyone watching The Big C? I’m catching up. I think Laura Linney needs to have an affair with her doctor to make up for not choosing to be with the man she loved in Love Actually. I’m still mad at her for that. I ♥ Laura Linney. Kate: Forget the doctor, she should never stop mounting Idris Elba!! Me-ow! 9/28

So, from thousands of books on the farm in Laroque, I chose to read Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid. I loved the novella. Tonight, I was on Cast TV, a site similar to Hulu where you can watch free shows. I decided to start the series Haven which is set in Maine. While watching, some things seemed familiar to me. So, I wondered if this show had anything to do with King. I looked it up, and Haven is LOOSELY based on The Colorado Kid. I got chills. Both choices by chance, related. By the way, this isn’t the first coincidence with this book. The other is kind of spooky. 9/26

‎”I’m so excited. I’m looking for the next Michael Jackson.” Really, J. Lo? Steven Tyler said he wanted to join the show because “it’s being a part of something much bigger than yourself…” He’s so deep. 9.22

Just wondering. Why do people (3) wanna set me up with men now that I’m gone? No one ever wants to set me up. Once in my life have I been set up, and it worked out well. It still ended, but it was good while it lasted for four and a half years. Being introduced is a wonderful way to meet someone. We should all be doing it more. 8.27

I just want to say congratulations to one of my best friends, Tanisha Shulamit Everett from Houston, TX who just moved to Bologna, Italy today to work on two advanced degrees in Italian language and history at the University of Bologna. She will live in Italy for the rest of her life if she has her way. I can’t believe we’re on the same continent again and still aren’t together. La Dolce Vita! 8.26

While looking for interesting downloads on iTunes for my long distance trips, I was browsing shows available on The Learning Channel. I was reminded of a time when I actually used to learn something from The Learning Channel other than gawking at the lives of others. Isn’t TLC/Discovery the network giving Sarah Palin her own show? Blech. 8.23

AYFKM!! What an empty article. “Five signs she’s into you.” 1. She tilts her head 2. She takes a sip when you take a sip 3. She twirls her hair 4. She gets a glow 5. Her pupils dilate. The genius behind this article also offers up 5 signs she’s not into you which are just as bogus. These five signs make women seem so dingy! How about I tilt my head, twirl my hair and take a sip while glowing and dilating my pupils at the same time. Magic trick. If this is the kind of stuff a woman has to do to show a man she’s into him, it’s no wonder I’m single. And if I have to start playing “dumb” which most of these signs kind of hint at, I’m probably going to be single for a while. I’m so annoyed.

Loudly scraping plates with silverwear while eating: do not understand. If you do it, please know it is annoying 🙂 8.6

Thank God for adjustable, canvas BELTS. From a curvy big-hip small-waist girl who has never been able to find pants that fit her right.

I am doing laundry and packing. Just checked in for my flight to DC. I’m so nervous and excited. 7.30

There are some really beautiful men in the world. I’m just sayin’.

Gorgeous European guy on the plane from Vancouver to Seattle, but he’s not going on to San Francisco. He was definitely not Italian, Rumi. I’d say Swedish. @Rumiko Akai

Rumiko: Sweet dreams. I hope you have great dream of your future husband. Feather: That’s what I intend to do. Good night.

For our last night together, I took Rumiko through a history of all the men I can remember whom I’ve dated, liked or loved through their Facebook pages and Internet searches. From my first date with Tilden Yamamoto to my last date with Michael. That was fun. Conclusion: I have no “type.” They are all so very different.

I think I dreamt the entire version of my new story last night. Crazy. Now, I just need to piece it together. Wonder if Leo can help with that.

Excellent babe. Going to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo now that I’m done with the book. Then I’m off to the Carribbean Days festival. Then to dinner with friends at a vegetarian Indian restaurant. My days in Vancouver are numbered 😦

I just saw The Kids Are All Right, and Annette Bening is the best. Not many other actresses would allow all those lines in her face to be seen. Her lines are so much a part of her style. Seriously, Annette was more interesting to watch on the screen even when others were speaking.

What if River had lived to be 40 next month? That’s a career I would have loved to grown up with. 7.22

Why Facebook is hilarious: Message to me from a friend’s friend: “Will you marry me? I will bake you vegan cookies! O i almost forgot to say hello…hello.”

Just had an hour-long conversation with 70-something world traveler, Cliff Kelly, who gave me two pieces of advice and insight: “trust people” and “life is great.” His wife died at 48, and he raised four teenaged daughters on his own. This is why I travel. Yeah, he got into a wonderful conversation with another woman about their travels and military careers and whatnot. It was really fun. I just listened. The best.

Portland Airport is so calm. While flying on a commuter jet, not much taller than me, I did suffer a slight case of claustrophobia. Luckily, I was hooked up with my own aisle on my next commuter-sized jet flight from Portland to Vancouver. Note to self: pay better attention to the jet size when booking flights. Luckily the next one is only an hour and ten minutes 🙂 ♥

I have a hard time believing God designed the world with the intention of confining us within the borders we were born. And I don’t mean a week’s vacation to this city or that. I mean if my soul and spirit are drawn to a particular city outside my native country, it shouldn’t have to take a mountain of paperwork to release me.

From Angie: Hi Feather, I told my friend about your incredible journey. She visited your website, contacted me and said it made her cry tears of joy (excitement for you) and a bit of sadness (for her) cause she would like to break free of her fears and get on with her life as well. You inspired her. xoxo

In search of a simple vegan pancake breakfast, I finally found regular pancakes (without a bunch of stuff cooked into them) at Herbivore in Berkeley, CA. The new slow-eating me took 25 minutes to eat these three pancakes and fruit. That’s my travel journal and datebook making an appearance in the background. LOVE.

I can’t believe I live in a world where people hunt bears or any animals. I’m not having the best day with human and animal injustices going on all around me.

Justice was not served today. I don’t feel safe as a woman. I don’t feel safe being black. I don’t feel safe as an American. Today reminded me of the time I was on my knees with 3 SWAT cops’ guns drawn on me in my own apt. complex in San Diego. I was so grateful I was with my white friend while I was on my knees w/ my hands behind my head. I just remember reassuring myself over and over again they won’t shoot because Lori is white. SWAT was looking for the 16-year-old black girl who we were standing with. I was getting my mail with Lori, and the girl walked up to us and asked us who the cops were looking for. Lori started explaining when, seconds later, she said “it’s me” just as SWAT appeared, drawing their guns. Bad timing. I was wearing a Richmond Police Dept. sweatshirt, so once the cops handcuffed me and picked me up off the ground, they were decent. One of the scariest moments of my life nine years ago.

There are places where humans, no matter race or gender, are treated as second class citizens and are raped, sold into slavery and murdered for profit. We are a suffering species.

Yeah, I hate that it happened to me too, but I hate worse that I didn’t feel safe because I was black. The cops have to do their jobs, but for me to have to be so relieved I was with my white friend is what’s really saying something about blacks and police. And this was nine years ago. I cried today. I cried then. Oscar was no angel, but neither am I or most people. His murder was undeserved.

I don’t know how to feel. This whole situation with Oscar Grant is just unjust. I shouldn’t have to feel unsafe as a black person in the hands of cops. That’s where I was in 1991 and nine years ago. That’s where I’m at today. Scared and pissed.

Andreas, are you familiar with the Oscar Grant shooting? I’m not treated like a second or third class citizen. Believe me, I’m not an oppressed individual, but this cop situation just is unbelievable.

I am from the Bay Area which is what makes this verdict more disheartening. For the most part, I believe the Bay Area is color blind. Most people I know are in interracial relationships and have several friends across many cultures. That’s the beauty of the East Bay. Racism is everywhere and is rampant on the Internet, but California’s supposed to be different, right? The Bay Area is really supposed to be different.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
– Albert Schweitzer

Bye LA. It’s not you. It’s me.

God bless you Feather. I like some vegan foods, but most do little to fulfill my appetite for both flavor and sustenance. I don’t think I could get through too many successive days on a vegan diet. You have to be very savy and prepared to be vegan as there are few places that cater to vegans. Also seems difficult to balance a diet without dairy and some meats or fish. Perhaps your Vegan Around the World insight will enlighten us. Best wishes and success on your travels and writing.Thank you, Don! There eventually has to be more than just the “food” reasons for one to maintain a vegan diet. If it can become about animals too, in addition to your personal health, it makes it easier. It becomes about compassion. And the good food will follow. I eat very well! Thanks for the well-wishes.

My last night in this bed, this room, this apartment. 3 years here. Good night.

Note to self: No more buying stuff. Just stuff. Too much stuff. I’ve donated 8 bags of clothes and outdated books and magazines and stuff to Goodwill today. I’ve thrown away 6 bags of other stuff. I don’t even know where this stuff is coming from. Life will be lighter. Life will be better. @Tanisha Shulamit Everett.


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Man with keyboard on train. Do people fall for this?

So in Naples today, this man got on the train with one of those large keyboards with all the preset recordings. It was hella old and beat up with tape as you can see. Anyway, he was playing one of the preset recordings and using his free hand to pretend like it was him playing the song. I mean he wasn’t even trying that hard. He barely pushed the keys in. He followed behind as his little boy held out a cup to collect change. At one point, the song just ended and he had to start it over. Do people fall for this? I just laughed.

Man with keyboard on the train

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Finding your place and peace

“Sure, I wore my purple t-shirt, but it’s not enough. Being a teen can be excruciating, gay or straight. So can being an adult if you don’t find your way to your place and peace. It’s devastating to learn that another teen who was being bullied for being gay felt there was no other option to find his way to his place and peace.” My thoughts on the suicide of 19-year-old, Corey Jackson

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Travel Memory: E La Luna Busso by Loredana Berte

I heard E La Luna Busso in the club tonight for the first time. Learning new great songs and music is another reason I LOVE being out in other countries. The Napolitano music at the festival today and then this wonderful 80s classic. Pretty cool.

To hear E La Luna Busso by Loredana Berte, click here.

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Travel Memory: Naples, Chestnut Festival & Era ‘de maggio

I had the most amazing day at a small roasted chestnut festival that I would never have found without the coolest tour guide in Naples. Live Napolitano music that was so sweet to my ears. Chilly and gray day, warming my hands over a fire. I’m pretty tired, and I still have tonight’s Halloween party to go!! S

When I started my day, I didn’t expect to end it with “Era ‘de maggio” becoming one of my favorite songs. A woman sang it today at the Chestnut Festival, and it made me cry. I had no clue what it was about. It’s about two lovers who must say farewell to each other in May. They hope they can see each other again in the same place always in May. The second part of the song is about their reunion. ♥♥♥♥

I am learning about Canzone Napoletana. ♥

To listen to Era ‘de maggio.

Posted 10/31/2010

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Travel memories from Facebook

My plan was to be happy and do what I want hence the solo travel. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not a 3 days here, 2 days there traveler. Two to three weeks in a city to both sit still some days and explore the others is right for me. I think that comes with age. Posted 11/2/2010

Tijs: I skydive. Feather: I wanna skydive, but I don’t want to die. Tijs: It’s much more dangerous taking the bus down to Amalfi! LOL Tijs is one of my flatmates. He’s from The Netherlands. – Posted 10/11/2010

Who knew the solution to not being cold was to put on socks? My grandmother did. She would ask where my socks were when I complained about being cold. I’ve been cold for a week in this huge house. Too stubborn to put on socks because I don’t like how they feel even though my feet felt like ice. I couldn’t take it anymore and put on socks last night. Instant warmth all over. Posted 10/9/2010

So, since I can’t read on the bench overlooking the sea because the man at the hotel restaurant won’t leave me be, I found a roof on which I can read under the sun where Mr. Darcy, Miss Bennet and I can be alone as one. Posted 10/9/2010

An American just told the Aussies that “Everyone used to like the President, but now EVERYONE just thinks he’s stupid. He hasn’t done anything for US.” I officiously painted a less drastic picture. He also said there were other places better than CA to see in the USA. I think that was a jab @me for debating w/him. While traveling, one should not just throw out generalities about their countrymen. We’re all different. Posted 10/7/2010

Six clues I’m not in talking mode: 1. Headphones on 2. 30 Rock streaming 3. After midnight 4. You know you’re in my peripheral, and I’m still pretending not to see you 5. I sigh loudly when I actually have to stop and listen 6. I have to ask you “can we talk about this in the morning?” How could she still be talking to me? She just tapped me on my knee to tell me where she wants to go tomorrow. 10/5/2010

Today, I walked down almost 3,000 stairs to get to the sea. My back, feet, ankles, knees, thighs and hips will probably not work properly for a few days. It was all worth it to get some of the views I got. 10/2/2010

Completely worth the pain I will feel in my calves, thighs, hips and back tomorrow. I walked down at least 2,000 to 3,000 thousand stairs today to reach the coast. 10/2/2010

Many men have said “salve” to me here in Italy. The way they say it, I thought it was like the equivalent of saying “I want to suck your blood.” I just learned it just means hello. These Italian men are something else. Posted 9/30/2010

I hearta Italianos. Somea speaka English likea thissa, anda it’sa really funa! 9.25

I forgot the nine hour time difference and Skyped my mom in California where it’s 3 am. She was logged on. She answered. I was like, whatcha doin today? What’s the weather like? Why are you so sleepy? Hehehe. 9.25

Tomorrow, I’m going to Verona. Yes, I will be stroking Juliet’s breast for good fortune. I will be writing my name on the wall for love everlasting. I will write a love letter to Love and put it on the wall. 9.22

At dinner tonight, we met, Sherry and Al, the coolest couple from Cupertino who now live in Tuscon. They visit Italy every year. Sherry is in love with Italy like Tanisha is and is trying to learn Italian. We talked about everything. I had the best cheeseless pizza tonight too. It was 4 euro. 9.22

It’s 2 am. A man just knocked on our door. Why? He dropped 200 euro ($240) onto our balcony. And who does this at 2 am? And why did we open the door? 9.21

My next favorite thing about Italia is the lack of body image issues. Oh, the bodies I saw in bikinis today. Good for Italia! Viva La Juicy!

It’s a good beach day with my fully charged iPhone, iPod with Step Brothers uploaded, coupla episodes of America- The History of Us, the latest episode of Mad Men, The Daily Show, my camera and my headphones. Oh, and Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid.

Favorite thing about Italy so far is everyone gets their own pizza, and everyone eats the whole thing. It’s terrific.

Tanisha & I enjoyed a lovely night of pizza & wine with her new suave, 50ish Sicilian friend, Francesco. He helps her w/ her Italian. He barely speaks English. When we were parting ways, Tani tried asking him in Italian to tell our cabbie where we were going so we wouldn’t get lost. He thought we were asking him to come home w/ us. He kept saying, “I have to catch my train” like a scared little boy. It was funny.

My Moroccan dormmate just gave me a bracelet from her own collection as a gift from Morocco 🙂

I’m blasting Common in my ears while my hostel dorm mates are praying to Mecca. Is that bad? I guess it would be worse if it was Rick Ross or Too $hort.

Two hour bus ride for 1 euro to get to vegan food at Loving Hut in Menton, France. Totally worth it. Monte Carlo & Monaco = Money & it’s gorgeous. Nice is beautiful. They only thing that could have made today better is if I had a few million in the bank collecting interest. Oh, and a hot French boyfriend for a week ;o)

Day trip to Monte Carlo tomorrow. Maybe something exciting will happen.

I’m all scheduled and booked to leave for Nice tomorrow for three days. Then it’s au revoir, Pee-wee to France and off to Italia. One month in France has been really nice and eye-opening. I’m glad I saw more of the country than Paris. If I had a choice, I’d live in the South. I think I need a massive body of water around me.

Idiot comes in all accents. Sigh. I just wish this particular moron wasn’t good looking. Good looks wasted on a a pea brain. So unattractive.

It’s always nice to meet another starry-eyed dreamer.

I was a little lost in translation, nuance, tone, meaning, inflection… Whatever one can be lost in with regard to communication, I was tonight. ♥

Front-facing washing machine leaking badly in public lavarie in Montpellier. Just another day in France. I guess things could be worse.

I love when I am somewhere I never thought I would be a week ago with people I never thought I would be with.

I know I’m in a good place when there’s a box of Stephen King books right outside my door and the owner of the farm puts on Cat Stevens. She’s English, and she also sells books in addition to farming. There are books all over the house. She’s going to cook three meals a day. I would never leave if it weren’t for that stupid 90 day visa thing. 8.29

*I’ve been in Europe for 17 days already in Frankfurt, Paris, Antwerp and Argeles. I’ll be here on this particular farm for 3 weeks up to 2 months with a trip in there to Munich. Then to Italy for a farm animal sanctuary in Marina di Pisa for 3 weeks. Then to Paris for Paris Vegan Day. That’s my 90 days give or give a few extra days. Then I’ve got to leave to the UK. 8.29

I need a Christina to my Vicky if I’m to continue being around Spanish France with all these Juan Antonios. Maybe this is our Woody Allen movie @Jackie Bustamante, Tanisha Shulamit Everett.

*I’m going to be in this part of France for a while. You can work on the farm with me in Laroque-des-Alberes. On our days off from our farm work, we’ll take day trips to the beach where we’ll flirt with the boys- the locals- because summer will be over and all the tourists will have gone home. We’ll meet Juan Mario, an artist, who will offer to take us on his scooter (both of us) to his small village in Spain where he will make passionate love to us ;o) I love that scene. 8.28

Being a strict vegan, I’m stuck with no restaurant in Argeles. For two days I’ve eaten bread topped with avocado or olive tapenade, pistachio nuts, apple sauce and fruit. If I stayed here, I’d definitely have to open a vegan restaurant.

I could live in Argelès-sur-Mer for a while. I wish it was legal and safe to live on the beach. Like pitch a tent.

Today, I stayed on the beach with 1 break. Argeles is on the border w Spain & Spain is all over this part of France. From the men to the music to the homes. I didn’t go in the Sea until 7PM. It was lovely, I didn’t want to get out. I raced with a mother & her 3 girls into the water. The tide was so strong it knocked me forward, and I slammed straight into the water & scraped my knee on the sand. It was wonderful.

Gmail has an online phone now that will allow you to make free calls to the US and Canada. This is wonderful for people like me outside the US. Skype charges for calls to landlines and cell phones. So there’s a new, free option now when Skype isn’t available! I used it, and it works!

What I would not give to have all my girls here on the beach with me in Argeles sur Mer. There’s trouble 🙂 8.26

*I’m going back out a little later when I think the kids are asleep. It was a looooooooooong day on the train from Belgium. And then a LOOOOOOOOOOONG walk from the train station to the beach. But I feel so healthy. I left Belgium without a hotel reservation. I just knew I’d get here and it would all work out. I walked right to the hotel I’d been researching online, and they still had rooms and good rates. It was quite an excursion. All this stuff makes me stronger, ya know? Winging it. I had no idea how this day would end. And I love that it’s ending so splendidly. Trust that there is no food for me to eat here. So I grocery shopped for apple sauce, avocados, water, and some vegan cookies and spread. Tomorrow I will seek bread and other fresher fruits. It’s pretty lively here right now.

There were boobies everywhere. I stand corrected and a little amazed. Even with all the kids. It’s no big deal here. I love it. There are nude magazines all over the place too.

Bye, Belgium. Hello, Argeles-sur-mer. I’m very much so looking forward to some Southern France Mediterranean Sea for a few days.

Damn, I love Paolo Nutini. He’s sexy, Scottish & soulful. “Grant my last request & just let me hold you. Don’t shrug your shoulders. Lay down beside me. Sure I can accept that we’re going nowhere. But one last time let’s go there. Lay down beside me.” Great show tonight!

Beautiful day in Gent, Belgium with Nathalie. Paolo Nutini tonight!!! The concert is very close to the apartment too! So excited!! 8.25

I am on a five-hour bus ride headed to Belgium!! Starting to remember why I like the train better. This should be a beautiful daytime drive for sure 🙂

I want a beach, food, beer, wine and my mom. She’s on this Alaskan cruise without her computer, and we haven’t Skyped in four days. I’m going crazy. I miss her so much. 8.23

It is pouring in Paris. It’s raining harder than it did in January. In every city I’ve been in since I started my trip, it has rained the last day or two that I was there. It’s fine with me because I prefer Paris gray and maybe the smokers won’t smoke outside, and the creeps will stay inside too. 8.23

Going to see Grease in Parc de la Villette. I’m so excited you’d think I’d never seen Grease 100 times.

I have determined that I am not a fan of the sun. Is it just me or has the sun gotten hotter and more powerful? I’m convinced I’m a vampire. I get sick when I’m directly in the sun. The sun kills. Paris is hot. I don’t like Paris in the summer. Hot and cigarette smoke mixed with a psycho element. I’ll take my Paris gray. Sheri, if I was in the valley, I’d have my car and air conditioning!

I am so ready for a small town or village with few people. 8.20

On a three hour drive from Frankfurt to Dortmund for Veggie Day! A nice road trip!!

It’s been a wonderful 8 days in vegan NYC. I had the best cinnamon bun and lemon cake I’ve ever had at Peacefood Cafe and Blossom Cafe, respectfully. It’s been a wonderful 6 weeks staying with friends and family throughout North America. Now, I’m at Newark Airport. My Air India flight leaves for Frankfurt in one hour. Air India has vegan VEGAN meals! Off to a good start. 8.12

Young men who don’t get up for older ladies and men on the bus are losers. Teens who don’t give up their seats are unfortunately the product of a ME society and simple bad parenting. Young women who don’t give up their seats should strongly consider their futures as seniors.

Another reason to love NY: All the restaurants deliver. It’s my day in to work and pack, and I didn’t feel like climbing down 6 flights and back up just to eat. So they are bringing it to me. I ♥ NYC.

Just catching the bus for no real reason just to be out in the night. It’s a lovely, breezy, chill cool evening. Autumn is definitely approaching!

I love that most of the people who comment when they see I’m reading The Millennium Trilogy are old married couples. They’re constantly saying they’re so good, they’re so good. What a sweet thing to grow old with someone and read the same books together even if they are thrillers about a woman who destroys psycho men who hate women. Give them a try if you need a good series.

I am sitting across from Cicely Tyson on the bus. She is very well hidden.

I enjoyed the most beautiful day in Long Beach, Long Island. First time I’ve been to Long Island. Not a single vegan restaurant to try in Long Beach, but I still had a wonderful time. Thanks for the good times, Maya & April. I should really be a New Yorker if the expat living in Europe somewhere thing doesn’t work out.

I LOVE NEW YORK. It is definitely my favorite American city. I’m enjoying not knowing what day it is. I hate to say it, but I REALLY miss my restaurants in LA. I’m craving many of the foods I loved there. That’s to be expected though because they were so a part of my routine.

Woody Harrelson is chowing down on vegan grub at Candle 79.

So, if I go down these six flights of stairs, I am not coming back up until the day is OVER! I ♥ laptops, powercords, backpacks, iPhones, bookstores with free WiFi (for refuge), my book, VegOut app – all the things that make up my easy day. 8.5

Just climbed six flights of stairs to get to my NYC studio on the Upper East side. Old building has no elevator. Bonus is it’s right around the corner from Candle 79, a nice vegan restaurant I’ve been dying to try. Time to explore a part of the city I’ve never seen!!!

Live is so much better when I’m reading a good book. They’re such good companions on the road.

I’m eating vegan soul food at a restaurant just down the street from Howard University. I’m facing out to a window. All sorts of characters walking by. One old bum just winked and blew me a kiss. Cupid by 112 is playing. Guess I won’t know unless I give it a try. So poetic. 8.3

Hi!!! I am in DC. Eating vegan mac n cheese. They make their own cheese. It is the best. I am loving life, Deb. No timelines. I don’t even know what day of the week it is! Missing you and LA a little. Maybe I will fall back in love with her. Off to a vegan bakery after lunch.

I did the body scan at Vancouver Airport. Airport worker (into walkie talkie): Blue subject with bandana. (to me after I gave her a curious look) We call what you have on your head a bandana. Feather: Oh, I was curious about the “blue subject” part. Airport worker: Oh that’s our code for you. More polite. Feather: Oh instead of BLACK WOMAN. Airport worker (chuckling): Yeah… Au revoir, Vancouver.

My last night in Vancouver. Just waiting for Rumiko to come home later so we can enjoy Pina Coladas and talk about the future.

Despite being pooped on by a bird at the start of my day (just my arm & it was for a little good luck, I understand) & acccidentally getting off the bus in the thick of skid row (I saw a needle in the street for the first time in my life), I still LOVE Vancouver. Went 2 go-rounds on the shuttle throughout gorgeous Stanley Park, enjoyed raw food at Organic Lives & took a tour of the Chinese Garden. ‘Twas a good day.

It’s OK, Aubrey. I’ve been shit on before twice. It is considered good luck. I did wash my arm off. Skid Row on the other hand was a little freaky. I kept looking for a sign of a regular non-junkie walking on the street and NOPE, none. I looked incredibly regular and touristy too with my flowing white skirt and backpack, but I think everyone was pretty wasted. It was weird. Needless to say, I got off the street pretty fast.

Now that I’ve moved closer to central Vancouver, I’m going to explore more of my surroundings, get some snacks and find a great place in the local park to read. The view from Rumiko’s apartment is beautiful and it’s just a wonderful neighborhood and beautiful space.

Yes, it’s beautiful here. I’ve been here for two days now. I see why you love it. It’s very peaceful and relaxing. Seven more to go before I head to the east coast!

One of the true tragedies of American dining: eating too fast and feeling the pressure to hurry up and vacate my table. I hope to stop this soon.

Feather Ives I think it depends on the people dining how it feels when the plate is taken away. I don’t mind if my empty plate is taken away or if I am still eating and someone’s plate is taken away. I am bothered when my plate is taken away and I still have food on it. This happens and it pissed me off.

My first Vegan Around the World LOVE trip lunch at Seed in Venice. BBQ Tempeh Burger, sweet potato fries and cole slaw. Yum!


Such a sign my trip starts today, my Air France Flying Blue Card and my Paolo Nutini Belgium concert tickets came in the mail!
And she crept away like stranger in the night; off to start a new chapter in her already colorful life. Bye-bye Tilden Avenue.


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Travel memory: Hostel Karaoke

Oh what a fun night. Thank goodness the ladies from England showed up. My room is made up of nine people: a lesbian couple, three Australian blokes at uni, a solo Parisienne, a gay Australian gentleman and me. We all had a heap of fun tonight singing karaoke- Elvis, The Beatles, Elton John, lots o’ Queen, Phil Collins & Aerosmith. Everything else was Italian. One more night!

Posted 11/10/2010

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