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Why I broke up with a boyfriend who wasn’t that bad from (2007)

Not so long ago, I (finally!) found a boyfriend. After not having a man for two years, I was thrilled to have someone who was mine. I’ll call him *Michael. The relationship started out great. He courted me, shared a good amount of time with me. He called daily and picked up the phone when I called. He was a nice guy. He was the person I’d been dreaming of for the two years I was single.

After a few weeks, I did what all women I know do: I began to imagine a future with Michael, and it was good. He was sweet, passionate, and when I was sick he brought things to make me feel better. However, while I was developing all of these feelings and thinking long-term thoughts, I didn’t believe he was thinking these things about me. I decided it was okay because most men I know don’t think the way women do so early in a relationship.

Time went on and Michael made it very clear that we were in an exclusive relationship. When I asked if I was important to him, his answer was always yes. Michael had been cheated on by a previous girlfriend, so it was important for us to not hurt each other in this way. He didn’t even freak out when I started sharing my long-term feelings with him.

Fall semester began at Michael’s chiropractic school, and we started seeing less of each other. He would blame his studies for his lack of time for me. I knew I could accept weekends only as long as we talked everyday. I was busy and I had a lot to do, too. I didn’t want to pressure my new boyfriend, but I also wanted to feel important to him. This request would soon prove difficult for Michael to fulfill.

What began as a stream of hope quickly turned into a stream of doubt. The honeymoon period was ending. I started to wonder if what we had would sustain, particularly as our feelings of lust began to wane. The rose colored glasses were off and I questioned the future with Michael I’d so clearly seen in my head.

As two people grow closer they begin to open up to one another whether it’s good, bad or unfortunate. Not only was he in chiropractic school full-time, but he also lived 60 miles away, which, in Los Angeles, is long distance. He had a lot of issues with his family and I wondered if that would be an obstacle in the long run. I began to wonder if I would ever meet his family and the more he told me about his relationship with them, the more I was content with not meeting them any time soon.

Other issues surfaced, as well. I soon realized that my maturity level was beyond his and, while I thought he was a great person and had the potential to be an even greater partner, we were not on the same level nor were we on the same life timeline. And we wouldn’t be for a while.

Michael said he wasn’t going to be ready to marry for at least five or six years. He still had three years in school and wanted to have an established chiropractic practice before settling down. I supported this philosophy and decided I could take the same five or six years to go to graduate school, build my businesses, write, and do all the other things I do every day. I was on board with this time line. Or so I thought.

It soon became clear to me that I was adjusting personal goals simply to justify being with Michael for the long haul. That’s when I began to freak out. What if, in five to six years, Michael decided that he didn’t want to be with me anymore? What if I decided I didn’t want to be with him? It wasn’t like everything was going smoothly between us. His studies were getting in the way of him making any time for me. He wouldn’t even make phone calls because he was too busy studying. His family was very big on making him feel guilty for not doing things their way, so he’d end up putting me off in order to please them and then apologizing for it later. Michael was 31 years old and I feel that there should come a point where you have to start your own life independent of your family; thirty-one is definitely an age when you can start making those considerations. When I expressed my concerns he was good at telling me things could change, but was even better at showing me that they wouldn’t. It became very clear to me that I was going to either stay in this relationship and secretly date others hoping for something better or I was going to have to end it so I could stay true to my word of not (emotionally) cheating on Michael. I was going to have to choose to be single and alone.

I will be the first to admit that it’s nice knowing someone expects to hear from me at the end of the day; that when I call they will pick up the phone and be happy to hear from me. However, I decided that wasn’t enough to make me happy in this particular relationship. I don’t want to be just comfortable, especially only four months into the relationship. After taking a break, I decided to end things with Michael.

For the first few weeks after the break-up my experience was easier than I expected, but I had my moments of weakness. I kept waiting for Michael to see the light, miss me, and ask me to take him back. He paid me a visit to collect some of his things and it was clear that we missed each other. That evening, it would have been easy for us to just get back together. However, I had to hold on to the reasons why I chose to end things with Michael. Michael is a great guy. Michael would have been fine with what we had. He wasn’t trying to break-up with me. However, he knew and I knew that he couldn’t give me the things I needed to be happy. And I wasn’t happy. When we first broke-up there wasn’t a day that went by when I didn’t think of how bad I didn’t have it. He wasn’t going to cheat on me. He wasn’t physically or verbally abusing me. He wasn’t ignoring me. I would think to myself that he wasn’t “that bad.” I could be in so-so relationship just to get some attention. I decided instead that I deserve better than “he wasn’t that bad.”

Michael and I were big on being faithful to one another. When I broke up with him I told him it was necessary because all that would end up happening would be me seeing other men with the hopes of finding something better. I never wanted to cheat on him and possibly hurt him even more. I owe it to myself to be available for the opportunity of love. We all owe it to ourselves to be available for the opportunity of love.

*Name changed to protect the identity of the broken-hearted.


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“Feather, you love yourself a lot…” from column (2007)

In this newsletter I am going to share a personal essay about why I chose to break-up with someone who wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t hard. It just needed to be done so I could be open to and available for something new; something more.

It’s been over a year since we broke-up, and I don’t regret it at all. I’ve moved on; Surprise! I’m okay!

My good friend, and Relationship Style Editor for the BEB, Ms. Tanisha Everett, recently broke the code that is me and what I expect in a relationship. She said to me, “Feather, you love yourself a lot, and you are looking for someone who will understand that and love you as much or more.” I had never thought about it like that, but she is right. It has taken a long time to get to this place, and I will not settle for less than what I know will be good love. I’m already in a relationship with the love of my life: me. So, I want a partner that sees the value I’ve built within me, and I will do the same for him.

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Do we ever really get over people?

*Do we ever really get over people? is a blog entry from an old blog I had in October 2006. I still agree with most of it. I just can’t remember who the girl was who was going to Vegas. I wish I could remember. Oh well. Enjoy!

Today, a girlfriend told me she wanted to go to Vegas because a guy she dated and thought was “the one” was going to be there with his company the beginning of September. I thought she was over him and on to her new guy. When I asked her about why she wanted to chase this guy to Vegas, she answered do we really ever get over people? Great question. So I said to her, you two live 10 miles apart, can’t you find some way to run into him locally? You have to go all the way to Vegas to run into him? She laughed.

This leads me back to my original question. Do we ever really get over people? Do we ever stop finding ways to stalk them? Does the checking their MySpace page  (clearly 2006) daily ever end? Does the Googling his name ever end? Does the checking his email because we know the password ever end? Does the checking his girlfriend’s email because we know her password ever end (I knew someone who did this)? When do we stop it? Or is it that it never stops, but simply slows down?

I know lots of women, including myself , who still want to know. We want to know if he’s seeing someone else. If he’s talking to his friends about us. If he still cares. If he’s dying. If he’s dead. There are myriad things we still look for when we “cyber-stalk” or invade his privacy. Why though? Especially when we’ve moved on to greater guys; guys who are worth a damn, trustworthy and who we don’t feel we need to check-up on.

**Whenever I’ve done the check-up it was never because I wanted him back. Well maybe during the early stages of the break-up, but if I was still checking up months or years later, it was because I wanted to make sure he wasn’t doing better than me. Or maybe to see who he loved after me. There are lots of reasons. I was always so glad to notice when the check-ups lessened. Twenty, thirty times a day down to twice a day, to twice a week, to once a week, to once a month, to I could care less what this guy is doing. It’s a good feeling. What do you think?

**Addendum Jan. 29, 2011. Since this post in 2006, I have mastered the art of getting over men quickly, so I rarely do any checking up or in, if at all.

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Men, dating and texting

Just putting it in the universe: May I find a man who doesn’t want to text message his way through our courting and relationship. xoxo ♥

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