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Patient (lyrics)

by Feather Ives

Your beauty it blinds me and sometimes I just can’t see
The gaping hole inside my heart is closing subconsciously
Perhaps you’re helping me to conquer the fears that stop me in my tracks
I close my eyes and no longer see only black.

I see colors and lights, bunnies and fairs
Apples and oranges and tables and chairs
Where we sit in our kitchen before we say good night
You ask me how my day went, I say no matter it ended just right

Time is precious and to get what you want
Release it to the universe, desires you must flaunt

Don’t you know what you’ve done for me
Inspiration to write a pleasure rhyme
For so long I was expressing sadness, anger and emptiness
Now I write about only happy times

I smile when I see you, even though I can’t call you mine
With the feeling I get inside, the possibility will do just fine
I’m patient and I’m willing to wait because you say you’ve got your plan
You’re not ready to take me on just yet
You want to provide and be my beautiful man

I respect and understand this like I told you that I would
And I pray every night that it all turns out good
You gotta know I’d still want you if you didn’t have a thing
But go ahead work real hard so I can get my three karat diamond ring

Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.

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