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kisses, embraces, hellos and goodbyes

Below is a series of photos I took with my camera and iPhone of people kissing and embracing throughout Italy and England. I didn’t start taking shots of couples kissing and embracing until I got to Italy; however, I did witness an awesome kiss between two young men at Gare de Nord train station in Paris. I mean this kiss was so passionate, even straight men stopped to stare.

I’ve never witnessed public displays of affection like I did throughout Italy and was surprised to see it continue when I went on to London. I missed some really, really good shots for reasons ranging from I couldn’t get my camera ready and they were just too damn fast for me, I couldn’t get a clear shot, I didn’t have my camera or I just couldn’t get the shot and remain inconspicuous. There were at least a dozen other shots I could have taken.

I will continue this series wherever I am. I enjoy capturing these moments. Hold your cursor over the photo for location info and other details. Happy Valentine’s Day. xo


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some of my favorite photos

Piazza in Bologna

Monte Carlo

Naples Sunset


Potato Tortellini


Sunset in Nice, France

From top to bottom: Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy; Monte Carlo, Monaco; Sunset in Naples, Italy; Positano, Italy; Potato Tortellini from Librarie Brac, Florence, Italy; Bruschetta from Loving Hut, Menton, France; Chocolate cake from Loving Hut, Menton; Sunset in Nice, France; Eiffel Tower, Paris (taken with iPhone)


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