Valentine’s Day – from column (2007)

It was today, two days before Valentine’s Day that I was connecting two of my single friends for the big day; two ladies I add. My one friend said to me, “Damn! our society is all I have to say,” as she declared her apathy toward St. Valentine’s Day. I replied to her, “We love Valentine’s Day when we have someone; quite the opposite when we don’t. I am all aboard with the flip flopping of emotions associated with the holiday. I would, however, like to spend it with the same person two years in a row.”

And then I thought about it. I have spent the holiday with the same person two years in a row; in fact, no matter who else I invited to the party, it has been twenty-eight years in a row that I’ve spent Valentine’s Day with the love of my life – ME! It was Oscar Wilde who said “To love one’s self is the beginning of a life-long romance.” I’m not saying that adopting Mr. Wilde’s approach is going to make the annoying jewelry commercials easier to bare, but when it comes down to it, you should be as happy spending the love day (or any day) with yourself as you would with a lover; or gather up your other single friends and go to the latest romantic comedy release, enjoy a champagne dinner or an evening at the spa with each other.

Valentine’s Day isn’t going anywhere and the good thing is you know when it’s coming every single year. No surprises. Sitting around waiting to be depressed on Valentine’s Day is the same thing as not reminding people that it’s your birthday and then getting mad when no one says Happy Birthday.

You can choose to make the best of the day.


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