The Humbling Rock from column (2007)

While driving on my way to work this morning, I was reminded of just how split-second life is.

Usually, while driving down the street, my windows are down so I can feel the morning air. Well this morning, thankfully, my windows were up.

While I was sitting at a red light, a car headed in the opposite direction caused a huge rock in the street to pick up and smack my driver’s side window. This rock was big. This rock was humbling reality.

I was shaken up for a bit, and thoughts of comas and states of vegetation entered my head. This exact scenario (only with the window down) is actually one of my most horrifying fears. When incidents like this happen, I cope by looking for a message. I believe I am fortunate and increasingly getting on my life’s intended track. And last night I was met with some very fortunate news. This morning’s rock is the balance to my fortune, and the reality that reminds me that I must express gratitude daily and take advantage of every second of my life.

Jacq Friedhof’s essay below is about getting on when the good is gone in a relationship. I wholeheartedly believe, and am reminded by flying rocks, that life is too short to participate in any exchange that is not fulfilling. This includes crappy friendships, lousy relationships and dead-end jobs; even if your job isn’t dead-end, if it’s not what you want to do, if it’s just “safe,” then how is that living?

I have this list; the list of 101 things I want to do and experience in my lifetime. It’s my reminder that I have goals, dreams and goofy, fun stuff that I want to experience. It’s a dream list. It has easily attainable goals and some that are stretching it. But if I don’t know what constitutes my life, how am I to live it?

You’re living when you’re willing to risk starvation to do what you love. You’re living when you have the nerve to walk around the boulder planted in your path because that boulder surely isn’t going to move out of the way on its own!


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