Things I dislike about Facebook

These are things that just bother me about Facebook and how people, including me, use it.

1. All the free publicity and advertising certain products, web sites and writers get from us sharing and liking. I should be getting paid for all this info I’m sharing and promoting!

2. Accepting a friend request from a dude I hope to date on the same day that I meet him. Sure we just met 15 minutes ago, but, uh uh! We shouldn’t be Facebook friends yet. What if we don’t work out? Am I supposed to just let you keep spying on my life because I’m too silly to unfriend you? No. But I’ve done it. Haven’t a lot of us? Silly.

3. Arguments on my statuses with people I do know. Arguments on my status between two of my friends who do or don’t know each other. Can’t we all just get along or at least not argue via status comments?

4. Getting caught on a thread with a racist. Ruh oh (or however you spell the sound Astro makes).

5. When someone I never hear from on Facebook suddenly posts a negative comment on something they disagree with or dislike. Huh? Where the hell have you been? Why the hell do you have something to say now?

6. Stalkers. People who never comment on anything, but they seem to know everything that’s going on with me when they see me in real life. What?!

7. If I post a link or video, then my friend reposts it without even commenting on my original post. I don’t know why this bugs me, but it does. I still love everyone who does it though. I do it too. But you could at least “like” it before you repost it.

8. Discovering that 99% of the FB population (I’m exaggerating) doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re; it’s and its; who’s and whose; and their, they’re and there. People, there’s a Facebook group for it.

9. Instead of having to write to someone to say I like their comment, I can simply just “Like” it, thus furthering my lack of interaction and communication. I was one those who pushed for a “like” option on comments. Oops.

10. If you don’t watch it, Facebook has been found to make people feel like losers as they’re scrolling through their friends’ statuses reading about their perfect, happy lives.

I’m sure there are more. I will add them as they come to me. I’m working on a list of things I LOVE about Facebook too.


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