Matchmaking… and what happened to making it together?

I know too many men and women who want to be in relationships. Why are they all single? 50 years ago any one of these men would have met one of these women and it would have been game, set, match let’s spend our lives together or at least the next 30 years. What happened? Now, it’s a bunch of single people (including me) who can’t find commitment. I really want to start matching people up. I used to be so good at it.

I USED to be good at it back in my early 20s when everyone I knew was also in their early 20s.

What happened is I grew up and so did all the people around me and we all got issues and issues got in the way of making commitments. Being matched is the best. But if people have hangups, don’t know what they want, or a whole pool of other reasons to say no, then it’s pointless. What happened to making it together? I understand a man needs to protect and provide, cool. I want that too, but shit we can do it together. As long as we’re both on the same page. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT?


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