Article on Soul Mates

Good stuff. My favorite bits: “Soul mates find you if you’re open to them. Besides, you don’t have one great love — you have MANY potential great loves.” “…the very concept of soul mates [is] a more feminine event.” “Men don’t look for soul mates nor do they really think about meeting their soul mate… Women need to feel a deeper connection with a man. That soul connection is there — but men just don’t define it.” “Soul mates are not necessarily permanent.”

See the full article here.

My own thoughts on soul mates and great loves: Things fall apart. We all want the love that lasts forever, but it doesn’t always last forever, and we have MANY potential great loves. We just have to take them all and add them up.



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3 responses to “Article on Soul Mates

  1. Hi
    I have just written an article about love and soul mates. Love to know what you think. It is at and is based on my own personal experiences.


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